Either Jokes

I know the difference between "less" and "fewer," but don't worry, you won't have to ask me for either of them.
What did the Viking boss say to his band of misbehaving marauders?
It's either my way or Norway!
I like my coffee like I like my men: either tall or with a confusing Italian name.
"You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks." - Joel Plaskett
“Love and sausage are alike. Can never have enough of either.”
— Trixie Koontz
There is always a first time to everything. For instance, when you take a mushroom either for lunch or dinner, you will be amazed at how magical it is.
Your profile pic is so cute. The human isn't too bad looking either.
“When a man opens a car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.” —Prince Philip
Some guy asked dad for the WiFi code.
Shrugging his shoulders and giving a sympathetic look, he responded: I can't figure her out either.
My mother asked me if my dog was good
I said “Yeah. And my hot dog isn’t bad either.”
I’ve never lost a game of football basketball or volleyball!
Though I’ve never played a game either.
Can a fencing champion born in France, but raised in the U.S. represent either country in the olympics?
Yes. Because they have duel citizenship.
Did you hear they are not making yardsticks any longer?
They’re not making them any shorter either.
I wonder what my parents did to fight boredom before the internet
I asked my 15 brothers and sisters and they didn’t know either.
Shrek isn't bad, but he's not that great either. I guess you could say he's medi-ogre.
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