Describe Jokes

Which word can be used to describe a peach that is surprised, shocked, or angry with strong emotion? – Speachless!
Q. How do you describe a deer joke with a screwed up punch line?
A. Bucked up.
Q. How do you describe the inate behavior of a new mother deer?
A. Doe-ting
Q. How do you describe a stinking filthy buck?
A. Deer-ty.
How do you describe a polite german lemon?
“Tact is the ability to describe others as they see themselves.”
Abraham Lincoln
How do you describe an onion which is in its early stages after birth? You say it is in its onion-ic period of its life.
How do you describe an acorn in one sentence? In a nutshell, it is an oak tree.
A teacher asks one of their pupils, "Can you describe Napoleon"s origin?"
The pupil replies, "Course I can." (Corsican)
How would you describe a pun about a pun?
They're pun-ishingly bad!
If I had to describe myself in 3 words?
How would you describe a stinky chemist?
I went to the doctor with hearing problems. He said, "Can you describe the symptoms?"

I said, “Homer’s the big dude and Marge has blue hair...”
Can you do sign language?
I wish I knew how to sign because I don't think any spoken words can describe how beautiful you are.
Would you describe yourself as a ternary? Because you have a lovely form.
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