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These 20 Birds are Kind of Mean, But It’s Hilarious

We love birds, we really do, as they’re probably the most balletic and exquisite animals on Earth, just look at this example of stunning bird photography. But the truth can be bitter and very grounding (pun intended), as it turns out that birds, too, can sometimes fall from grace and act in very nefarious ways, which is, unexpectedly, really funny. These 20 hilarious photos of birds may act like real bullies, but since they’re still so cute, we can’t help but laugh at them, and we hope you will, too.

1. Bullied by a goose

mean birds angry goose

2. What an ironic pigeon!

mean birds pigeon nest

3. What cruel revenge!

mean birds parrot and remote

4. The reason why you should never leave your drinks unattended

mean birds pidgeon on coffee cup

5. No need to prove the statement right away, you silly bird

mean birds parrot that destroys everything

6. This bird sits and stares at itself in the mirror all workday and poops on this poor car

mean birds staring in the mirror and pooping

7. 'I just want to check what's in that interesting bowl'

mean birds parrot diving in flour

8. This bird is the very image of utter rudeness, how did this even happen?

mean birds seagull eating ice cream

9. I really doubt that bird paid for those snacks

mean birds seagull theft

10. 'Let me help you with your shoes, mister'

mean birds swan and shoes

11. 'A glass on the table? What nonsense!' 

mean birds parrots and glass

12. Please, just stop pecking this poor tree, will ya?

mean birds woodpecker and tree

13. This seagull is constantly not letting the workers of this office building continue with their work and keeps pecking at the window and making noises

mean birds seagull distraction

14. 'I said I don't need to take a trip to the vet, do I have to spell it out?'

mean birds caged parrot

15. This one isn't even funny, just look at that poor man's face

mean birds seagull steals ice cream from man
Source: Reddit

16. This parrot was just surfing the internet and got a little bit carried away

mean birds laptop and parrot

17. 'Nice paint job. Be a shame if someone...'

mean birds freshly painted

18. A mere second before trouble...

mean birds a second before disaster

19. The National Aquarium in New Zealand gives recognition to the best and worst-behaved penguin every month, here's an example

mean birds new zealand aquarium penguin of the month

20. This person witnessed a cockatoo tearing off anti-nesting spikes and throwing them on the ground in Australia

mean birds cokatoo tearing off spikes
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