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These Pictures of MASSIVE Things Will Make You Feel Tiny

It’s not every day that you come across a dog as big as a bear or an apple that’s as huge as a watermelon. But these freaks of nature do exist. In the pictures below, you will come across several freakishly big things that will make you rub your eyes in disbelief. These giant things will also make you feel tiny and looking at them you might wonder that you are probably on the wrong planet. 

1. Is that bench unusually large or is that man tiny? 

GIANT Things, bench

2. Yeah, no snake is coming after this frog, that's for sure

GIANT Things, frog

3. Now, that truly is a BIG cat

GIANT Things, BIG cat

4. No, that's not a fish. That's a mini whale!

GIANT Things, fish

5. I really wouldn't want to be anywhere near this one

GIANT Things, lobster

6. Geez! Look at the size of those palms! 

GIANT Things, palms

7. Wonder who were these slippers made for?

GIANT Things, slippers

8. An apple as huge as a watermelon

GIANT Things, apple

9. This could probably shred the veggies of an entire street

GIANT Things,

10. He looks more like a bear!

GIANT Things, dog

11. Now he doesn't need to buy any more vegetables for an entire year

GIANT Things, vegetable

12. That's probably a mysterious weapon that fell down from an alien planet 

GIANT Things, fork

13. Aren't just his ears as big as a normal hare?

GIANT Things, hare

14. That must be King Kong's toothbrush

GIANT Things, toothbrush
All images source: Izismile
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