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15 Hilarious Dogs In a Neat Package

 Dogs are called “man's best friend” for a reason! That’s because they’re always eager to go the extra mile to be together with their humans - even if that entails being a bit uncomfortable or looking funny in the process. These hilarious dogs are direct proof of that. They cordially tolerate being carried around in a bag. And, frankly, some of them seem to enjoy it too! We hope you enjoy this collection of 15 hilarious “bagdogs” as much as we did.
Dogs in Bags upset bulldog
Dogs in Bags dog in hat and glasses
Dogs in Bags smiling small dogs
Dogs in Bags dog dressed in a bag
Dogs in Bags white dog in tote
Dogs in Bags dog nose peeking out
Dogs in Bags sad basset hound in a backpack
Dogs in Bags dog in pink backpack
Dogs in Bags big dog in bag in subway
Dogs in Bags cute small dog in cart
Dogs in Bags sad dog in a tote bag
Dogs in Bags puppy in orange bag
Dogs in Bags small fog peeking out of a bag
Dogs in Bags dog sleeping in bag
Dogs in Bags big dog in backpack
Source of all images: Bagdogs/ Instagram via Bored Panda
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