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FUNNY: Bizarre Examples of Construction Safety Fails

 Before you scroll down and watch the pictures we have shared, a note of caution – they will give you tremendous anxiety. Yes, indeed. These are bizarre examples of people who simply don’t believe in safety, even when they are doing the most dangerous task. Every single one of the things happening in these photos is unbearably unsafe and will make your heart skip a beat. From people working casually on rooftops to someone trying to catch fiery sparks with a bag, these examples, albeit hilarious, are just accidents waiting to happen…

1. When you have to catch the sparks because you must recycle them

Safety Fails, sparks

2. Please be careful, Sir! 

Safety Fails,

3. This can go wrong in so many ways 

Safety Fails,

4. I won't be able to rest until I know he was safe

safety fails, car

5. Oh, dear! 

safety fails, construction

6. Let's hope it wasn't a windy day

safety fails, ladder

7. Someone please take that kid away from this man 

Safety Fails, poster

8. Yeah, that will hold nicely. Sure!

Safety Fails,

9. Why use glasses for such tasks when you have eyes of steel?!

Safety Fails, glasses

10. That's not something to play around with

Safety Fails,

11. I wish I could look away. But I can't...

safety fails, car

12. Please do NOT use the green bottle to wash your eyes

Safety Fails, bottle

13. Such confidence! 

Safety Fails,

14. That button really shouldn't be coming off

Safety Fails, emergency button

15. The truck might have brakes, but the massive hunk of stone doesn't 

Safety Fails, truck

16. Can someone explain exactly what's going on here?!

Safety Fails, truck
All images source: Acid Cow
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