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Can You Make Sense of These Weirdly Funny Signs?

Signs are an essential part of our daily life. Drive down the street, and you’ll be greeted with road signs indicating directions, speed limits, and other essential information. Enter a supermarket, and you’ll be welcomed by a plethora of signs pointing out what’s available in each aisle or displaying discounts and deals. Even restaurants and shops have catchy signs outside to entice customers.

Signs are everywhere today. While most of them serve an important function, not all of them always make sense. The signs we have presented below are strange and unintentionally hilarious. Don’t try and make sense of them, just have a good laugh…

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1. Wait, what? 

Funny Signs, donuts

2. Has anyone tried this ice cream yet? 

Funny Signs,  ice cream

3. So, it's not open then?

Funny Signs, road

4. But why? 

Funny Signs, lick your car

5. I doubt that anyone would sit on a duck, but okay...

Funny Signs, ducks

6. Can people from Illinois confirm this? 

Funny Signs, Illinois

7. I really hope this is a prank 

Funny Signs, horse

8. That's so creepy! 

Funny Signs, shoes

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9. Thanks for telling us?

Funny Signs, emergency

10. Smart! 

Funny Signs, ad

11. If it ain't Peter's church, whose church is it? 

Funny Signs, church

12. Wait, are you asking me? 

Funny Signs, street sign

13. That sounds ominous!

Funny Signs, god

14. They really should have thought this through... 

Funny Signs,

15. "No, thanks. Don't need one, as "nice" as it might be..."

Funny Signs, shock, trans;lation fail

16. Kind of contradictory, isn't it? 

Funny Signs, shop

17. "Tasteless conversations? Why advertise that?"

Funny Signs, restaurant

18. Yeah, hamburger, where are you?!

Funny Signs,

19. How nice of them 

Funny Signs, supermarket
Source of all images: Izismile
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