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14 Horribly Translated Tattoo Fails That Will Last Forever

 It's one thing when you're making a spelling mistake when texting someone or choose to translate a phrase using Google Translate to communicate something when you're abroad, but it's an entirely different story when you're planning on then tattooing that phrase on your body and it will stay with you forever. If you're not careful, you may end up like these poor souls, who have really wanted a cool tattoo in a foreign language but ended up with some of the most hilariously misspelled and ironic phrases on their skin!

1. This tattoo was supposed to say "Fast and Furious"

Tattoo Translation Fails Fast and Furious
Image Source: justenterin

2. This Thai phrase means "fresh spring rolls" - I hope it's her favorite food

Tattoo Translation Fails fresh spring rolls
Image Source: Imgur

3. This veggie tattoo is fierce!

Tattoo Translation Fails
Image Source: Imgur

4. "Big Momma" doesn't translate too well into Arabic, it seems...

Tattoo Translation Fails Big Momma
Image Source: viralsfeed

5. How ironic...

Tattoo Translation Fails plan ahead
Image Source: Brainscape

6. This tattoo says "My husband is a moron", ouch!

Tattoo Translation Fails My husband in a moron
Image Source: hanzismatter

7. "Today I learned that my friend's Chinese tattoo literally means 'Turkey Sandwich'"

Tattoo Translation Fails Turkey Sandwich
Image Source: Imgur

8. Knowledge is a power that hasn't been involved in the creation of this tattoo...

Tattoo Translation Fails Knowledge is power
Image Source: Imgur

9. This person must have made the tattoo artist really mad...

Tattoo Translation Fails poor/ broke
Image Source: Imgur

10. The person wanted a tattoo of the word "freedom", instead, they got "free of charge" (which we hope this tattoo was)

Tattoo Translation Fails free of charge
Image Source: viralsfeed

11. "Patients, my child!"

Tattoo Translation Fails patients
Image Source: Reddit

12. This tattoo was supposed to say "butterfly" but instead it says "butter" and "fly" separately

Tattoo Translation Fails butterfly
Image Source: Twitter

13. This tattoo can be translated as "toilet demon"

Tattoo Translation Fails toilet demon
Image Source: hanzismatter

14. Indeed it is misspelled!

Tattoo Translation Fails misspelled
Image Source: Guff
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