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Design Fails and Construction Mistakes

 When it comes to architecture and interior design, you really need to find a smart engineer, designer or architect to make sure your structure is up to code and makes for easy use. Well, that is NOT the case for the many examples below, in fact, these architects and designers must have been a bit mental... because these are just beyond bizarre! Enjoy this huge collection of construction mistakes, design mistakes, and overall terrible structural failures.
These hilarious photos show you that human beings are not perfect. Somebody messed up big time. I couldn’t make it through this list without cracking up. The architects probably got fired, we hope. But you have to wonder, was no-one paying attention during construction?
Construction is hard... apparently. You need a good plan and good workers. That said, these hilarious photos will show you the kind of buildings you get when you have none of those things. I don't know whether to roll my eyes or roll, laughing, on the floor.
Good construction is necessary for our towns and cities. Without acceptable roads, streets, and buildings, life is pretty tough. So that's why architects and builders put a great deal of planning and hard work into improving our countries' infrastructures. Yet, as you have probably guessed, every now and then, builders go rogue and fail to do quite what was intended. Have a look at these stunning and hilarious photos of design fails and feats of stupidity!
Sometimes no matter how hard you may try to do a good job, something just goes wrong. Below are a set of hilarious photos with examples of such funny design fails.
While some seemingly bright ideas appear to look better on paper than they do in practice, there are clearly others that should never even have been thought up in the first place. From ashtrays labeled with 'No Smoking' signs to lemons that can supposedly produce orange juice, below are 20 hilarious design fails that are guaranteed to make you scream with laughter!
You can find funny things every day, not just in jokes, videos, and stories, but sometimes - just spotting some really dumb construction mistakes. This following hilarious photos of design fails made in construction will leave you wondering what the heck these guys were smoking when they made these?
Every once in a while, we all go through a phase where we can't seem to get anything right. However, no matter how badly you mess up, you can take comfort in the fact that you can never do a worse job than any of these guys did! When taking a look at the hilarious photos below, I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry.

Hilarious Photos of Design Fails

Sometimes we take on jobs that are way too complicated for us to handle and require multitasking on a superhuman level. Other jobs require close to no effort, but people still manage to mess them up in spectacular fashion! Below, you'll find a collection of 15 hilarious photos of design fails and the results are totally funny!

15 Genius Design Fails

When it comes to terrible ideas, the human race often ends up coming out on top. This is especially true when it comes to improvising or covering up our silly mistakes! If you are having trouble believing us, then we're sure that the hilarious photos of design fails inside will promptly help you change your mind.
To acquire an engineering degree, you need a minimum of two years worth of study, and in most cases - 4 years. But, some people just seem to have a natural knack for engineering things. Let's take a look at these hilarious photos of professionals at work and their design fails, and funny mistakes!
Venturing outside of your comfort zone always means there’s a risk you’ll be in the awkward position of sharing this most sacred and private moment with other people, which is bad enough, but many businesses seem hell-bent on making the whole experience much worse by trying to spice things up with “cool” designs. Here are some of the worst examples of such poorly-thought-out toilet designs.
Interior design is a tricky thing. There are many things to consider. The colors, the sun exposure, the angles, the overall look, the theme. No wonder some people find it a bit over their head... which leads to scenes such as the ones below. Here are some hilarious photos of interior design fails you do NOT want to make.
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