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15 Unbelievable Home Design Fails

Building and designing a safe and beautiful home on your own is possible, there’s no doubt about it. With some common sense, a bit of online research, and kind advice from neighbors and experts, you can definitely get decent results. But it just so happens that common sense isn’t the strong suit of these homeowners. They may have built and designed their own homes, but we cannot help but question the functionality and safety of these “masterpieces.” You have to see these crazy design fails to believe that such monstrosities even exist!

1. The street name says, "Optimist str. 10/2," and you definitely have to be one to live in this house!

Interior Design Fails Optimist str

2. Designing a functioning double-deck garage is easier said than done, and these people learned that lesson the hard way

Interior Design Fails double-deck garage fail

3. It's a luscious staircase, I can't take that away from it...

Interior Design Fails hairy staircase

4. Wait 'til you see the surprise in one of these cabinets!

Interior Design Fails built in toilet

5. “Congrats on the new chandelier to the new neighbor below”

Interior Design Fails chandelier

6. We can't begin to list everything that's wrong with this bathroom...

Interior Design Fails carpeted bathroom

7. How do they know which of these doors is the entrance?

Interior Design Fails windows house

8. I can see someone making it to this toilet, but how on earth do you get out?

Interior Design Fails WC at the end of the staircase

9. "No, don't touch that window, it's load-bearing!"

Interior Design Fails load-bearing window

10. They only realized that building a hot tub on the second floor was a mistake when it started collapsing...

Interior Design Fails hot tub on the second floor

11. You don't want to drop your keys on the floor in this narrow toilet!

Interior Design Fails narrow toilet

12. That door on the top is a closet. It's 6 feet above the ground and there's no staircase to reach it... 

Interior Design Fails closet

13. Do we need to explain why having a kitchen and bathroom in one room is a bad idea?

Interior Design Fails a kitchen and bathroom in one

14. Wait, why on earth do they need a second power plug in the sink?!

Interior Design Fails power plug in the sink

15. Behold, this building is self-aware!

Interior Design Fails poop
Source of all images: Bored Panda
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