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Joke: The Sprinting Chicken

 A man was riding his motorcycle in a country area when he saw a chicken running along with him.

“That’s a fast chicken,” he thought to himself.

So he sped up to 50 mph, and to his surprise, the chicken was still running along on the sidewalk.

“What? This chicken has gotta be kidding me!”

Then he sped up to 100 mph, thinking he finally made the chicken eat his dust, but when he looked at his side, he saw the chicken grew bigger and bigger in image and simply passed him, at 130 mph, vanishing in the distance.

joke: chicken running

“What the heck just happened?” The man started to question his own sanity, how was it possible for a chicken to pass a 100 mph motorbike??

Then he saw an old man, sitting under his porch smoking a cigarette, and asked:

“Excuse me, sir! I’m afraid I may be going nuts. Did you see that chicken running faster than my bike? Tell me you saw it and I’m not insane!”

“Yeah I saw it, kid, and that’s my chicken,” the old man replied.

“Your chicken? How can it run so fast?” He asked again.

“Well, 3 years ago me and my brother genetically designed this special type of chicken, we love chicken drumsticks meat around here, so we created this new special kind of chicken, it has 4 legs, so 4 drumsticks per chicken!”

The man was astonished!

“Well sir, that’s crazy! But the meat tastes good, right? I hope the genetic modification didn't affect the flavor...”

“I don’t know, son, didn’t catch any yet,” replied the old man.

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