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How to Smoothly Transition to iPhone 13

If Santa surprised you with an iPhone 13 this year, congratulations! You have yourself a pretty powerful mobile device. In this extensive article, you'll learn to make the most out of it and get to know how to make a smooth transition from your previous device, be it an older version of an iPhone or an Android device.

Start with your previous device

Apple Devices

Before forsaking your previous phone, be it an Android device or an older iPhone, it is advised to back it up. You can do that using your computer or cloud storage. Follow these links for extensive, Baba-approved guides for backup methods:

Setting up your new device

Apple Devices cheerful background and cup of tea

If you're upgrading from an older iPhone device, the transition will be as smooth as ever thanks to something called QuickStart. This is Apple's guided experience that helps you set up your new phone and easily transfer from your old phone. Simply follow the instructions on the screen. 


How to smoothly transition from a previous iPhone using iCloud:


Start by backing up to iCloud on your previous phone. Once you're done, set up your new iPhone and follow the instructions from the QuickStart program. 


Smoothly transition from an Android to an iPhone with this post: Learn How to Move Data From an Android to a New iPhone.

Further actions we recommend

Apple Devices camera lens close up
Now that you're technically done setting up your phone, there are a few other things you can do to customize it that we recommend. 
Set Up an Emergency Contact:

You can do this through the Health app. Find the Set Up Your Medical ID menu, tap Get Started, and scroll down until you see Emergency Contacts. Tap on Add Emergency Contact and pick one from your contact list. Next, you'll choose your relation to the emergency contact. Under Emergency Access, toggle Show When Locked green. This way, your emergency contact will be displayed even when your phone is locked, should something happen to you. 

Set Apple's Safari back to normal:

Upon upgrading to the iOS 15 operation system, many experienced users of Apple's web-browsing app, Safari, discovered that the address and tabs bar has moved from the top of the screen to the bottom. This change of placement was made for convenience purposes, as now, this bar is easily reachable to the thumb. But if you don't like sudden changes such as this one, know that this is 100% reversible.

Here's how: tap the aA button in the bottom left corner and tap on Show Top Address Bar. That's it! You may have noticed that there are other, more subtle changes in Safari's design. If you'd like to revert those too, click here for a video guide

Learn about Focus Mode:
This is a new feature for iOS we briefly mentioned here: Newest and Best Features for Seniors in Apple's iOS 15. As the 9to5MAC website put it, Focus Mode is a feature that "has the ability to set notification, call, and message filters, auto-reply to others when you're not available." It will help you if you feel overwhelmed by a surge of notifications flooding your phone, or if you feel that your phone is preventing you from focusing deeply on a task. Click here to watch a video guide.

Additional new features for you to discover

Add Widgets to Home Screen

"Widgets" is a word that's been going around a lot, but most of us don't really know what they are. Put simply, they are like windows to an app, showing you a summary of the most important info an app can provide you. So, for example, when you launch the Weather app, you can see many weather features like humidity and wind speed, but if you peep quickly at the weather widget, you'll see only the current temperature. The purpose of a widget is to provide you with information quickly and efficiently, saving you time. There are so many ways to add and edit them - all can be discovered in the video guide above. 

New camera features
If you're tech-savvy and would like to enjoy your iPhone not only as a mobile phone but also as a gadget, you'll enjoy exploring all the new features the camera offers for both photo and video. Werner from the MountMedia YouTube channel has prepared two in-depth guides for camera features for taking photos and videos on the new iPhone: 

Click here for the stills guide
Click here for the video shooting guide.


How to use shareplay

This is a feature that allows you to share your screen with another person or group while you're having a video call. It is, however, available only for users of the iOS 15 operating system. Here's how to use it:


H/T: Tom'sGuide

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