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Newest and Best Features for Seniors in Apple's iOS 15

The annual release of Apple's new products is back on schedule with this year's simultaneous release of the operating system iOS 15, and the iPhone 13 device. Both have some new design features as well as software updates, and as always with these kinds of new releases, it can get hard to navigate. Here's our guide to the specific features that will be beneficial for our readers here at Baba Mail. In the article below we list some updates, but be aware that more are on the way: Apple is already working on iOS 15.1.  

Some General Tips

Who can use iOS 15? Everyone whose device runs on the iOS 14 operating system right now. If you're not sure, any device starting the iPhone 6 onwards can update to the iOS 15 operating system. We recommend backing up your device to a computer before you update as this is a fresh and new release and bugs may occur. Once you're done backing up, simply update from your settings app.
Useful links:
How to backup your iPhone (Updated June 2021)
How to backup your Android phone (Updated July 2021)

FaceTime App

According to Apple, the FaceTime application will now support spatial audio on video calls. What does this mean? Primarily on group chats, the voices of participants will be scattered in such a way that it will feel like they are in the same space with you. There will also be a convenient grid view that will highlight those speaking for extra clarity in group video calls, and another special feature: You will be able to create and share an invitation link to a video call so you can invite other people into your video call to make it more Zoom-like.
The link will be shareable via E-mail, WhatsApp, and text messages, and even Android users will be able to use it! Yes, your Android-using pals will be able to join you on FaceTime. How convenient! 

Messages, Notifications, and Design Improvements

In the messaging app, there are some subtle updates to the design of the app, but in our opinion, the most prominent and practical update is to the Do Not Disturb feature: you can now let your contacts know when you've enabled Do Not Disturb mode, thus minimizing notifications to attend to. A further step Apple took to help you manage an endless stream of notifications is the Focus feature, which brings you a summary of notifications from the same subject with bigger, clearer icons. 
Some more features that will make using iPhone even more convenient are Live Text and improvements done in the Wallet app. Live Text allows you to copy text from within images, and in the Wallet app, you're now able to scan your drivers' license and your state ID and hold a digital copy with you at all times. 
The last app that benefited from a major facelift is the Maps application. The maps are more detailed than ever, with accurate graphics, road information such as bus and taxi lanes, bike lanes, 3D rendering of bridges and nearby roads. 

Health App

In iOS 15, Apple will introduce the Conversation Boost feature. This aids those hard of hearing by removing background noise and focusing the audio through the airpod. Until then, check out the updates you can enjoy today on the Health app:
Apple is introducing Walking Steadiness, specifically with senior citizens in mind. This feature analyzes mobility data, balance, stability, and coordination as you walk, to give you an assessment of your risk from falling injuries.
You will also be able to share your health statistics with your doctor and relatives. You relatives will receive a custom report, highlighting abnormalities so that you'll be able to predict risks and take precautionary measure, together. 
For a practical guide with clear illustration, help yourself to this video:  
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