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5 Sites and Extensions to Get More out of Google Maps

Google Maps is an incredibly powerful tool that has revolutionized the way we navigate and explore the world. It's widely loved for its reliability, comprehensive features, and real-time traffic updates. But what if we told you there are ways to take your Google Maps experience to the next level? With the help of some sites, apps, and extensions, you can enhance its functionality and improve the overall user experience.
These tools offer features such as advanced route planning, custom map creation, and more. Here, we'll explore some of the best sites and extensions that can help you get the most out of Google Maps. These additions will make your journeys smoother and more efficient.

1. Scribble Maps (Website): Customize your Google Maps

Sites and Extensions to Get More out of Google Maps

Google Maps provides a wide range of features, but have you ever wanted to be able to add additional details and annotations to your routes? Scribble Maps, a free online platform, addresses this very need. The site incorporates Google Maps as the foundation while using its suite of tools to offer users greater control over the customization of their routes. To start using Scribble Maps, simply visit their website and click "Create Your Map" to begin. First, your current area will appear, but you can move it to any place you like.

Scribble Maps provides a complete set of tools for drawing lines and shapes, marking points of interest, adding labels for better understanding, and creating a map key. Once you've added everything you want, you can save your unique map for later use.

Additionally, Scribble Maps makes it easy to share your map through a link or image. This service is especially useful for businesses or individuals planning events, as it allows for the direct embedding of the customized map on a website.

Most of Scribble Maps' features are available for free, but the service offers paid plans for Pro Basic and Pro Business, with a monthly fee (with discounts for yearly plans). These premium plans provide extra benefits like access to unlimited maps, the ability to find nearby places, better route planning, and the option to remove the embedded logo.

2. Top-Rated.Online (Website): Find out the most reviewed places on Google Maps in any city

Sites and Extensions to Get More out of Google Maps

Using a vast collection of data from Google Maps, Top-Rated.Online provides an easy-to-use service for finding the best-reviewed places in any city. Visitors can start a search by choosing a city to find places with the most reviews on Google Maps. The service has a strong filtering feature that lets users narrow down their search by type of place, including bars, beaches, cafes, and many more. It also lets you sort results by either the highest ratings or the most reviews. Top-Rated.Online does more than just list the most reviewed places; it also includes lists of "hidden treasures" and "worst-rated" places in each city, giving users a comprehensive view when exploring a new area.

Every listing on the site includes the place's rating, the total number of reviews, and a brief description if the owner has one. Visitors can easily find more information by clicking on a specific place, which takes them to the related Google Maps page. This page includes details like the place's address, website, and all the reviews available. The site also highlights other highly reviewed places nearby each listing.

Lastly, visitors can directly access any place listed on Google Maps through the site.

3. Google Maps Select and Search (Chrome Extension): Directly find an address found on a website with two clicks

Sites and Extensions to Get More out of Google Maps

Locating addresses encountered online can often be a cumbersome process when you're in a hurry. However, the Google Maps Select and Search Chrome extension simplifies this process, allowing you to easily direct yourself to a location from any website in just a few seconds.

This tool removes the need for manually copying and pasting addresses or switching tabs to open Google Maps. To use this extension, simply highlight the address you want, right-click, and choose the "Search this address on Google Maps" option. The extension will then automatically open the relevant location in Google Maps. Another option for Firefox users is the Route for Google Maps extension, which provides similar features.

Download: Google Maps Select and Search

4. Toolmaps (App): Highlight, edit and capture maps from Google Maps.

This app enhances your Google Maps experience by providing extra tools for editing and customizing your maps. Toolmaps allows you to add markers, draw lines and shapes, and write text directly onto the map. 

This helps you plan routes with specific waypoints, highlight areas of interest, or create custom maps for presentations or sharing with friends. It also offers features like distance and area measurement, making it great for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone who needs precise spatial information. 

You can think of it as a digital whiteboard on top of your Google Maps. It basically helps you analyze, personalize, and ultimately get more out of your Google Maps experience.

Download: Toolmaps for Android

5. Routora (Chrome Extension): Rearrange your Google Maps route to find the fastest path

Sites and Extensions to Get More out of Google Maps

Routora addresses a persistent issue for those using Google Maps to plan trips with multiple stops – finding the best sequence to travel. Traditionally, this involved manually sorting out a route that was efficient in terms of time, often depending on personal guesses. Routora provides an automated solution that makes this task easier for users.

Getting started with Routora is simple. In Google Maps, users first find and get directions to their starting location. Then, they can add any other stops they want to the directions list in any order. Once all the stops are added, turning on the Routora extension starts a review of all the planned locations. After a brief processing period, Routora recommends the fastest and most cost-effective route for the entire trip.

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Routora smoothly works with the current Google Maps interface. Users can then easily move the optimized directions to their phone and save the route for later use. It's worth mentioning that Routora is only available for cars at the moment, not for other types of transportation.

In general, Routora gives users a user-friendly way to make the most of Google Maps for navigation. The advanced version offers even more features, like the ability to plan up to 25 stops and include walking and biking options in its own Routora Maps platform.

Download: Routora

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