What Do You Know About Mexico?

 A large country with a huge history and deep, rich cultural influences, Mexico is an incredible country to learn about, and has had lots of influence over world culture. Has it influenced YOU? Do you know a lot about it? Let's put you to the test...
Which ancient civilization did NOT use to live in what is today's Mexico?
The Mayans
The Aztecs
The Inca
What does the 5th of May commemorate in Mexico?
Cinco de Mayo celebrations commemorate May 5, 1862, the Mexican victory over the French in the battle of Puebla.
Mexican victory over the French at the battle of Puebla
Independence from the United States at the battle of Puebla
Independence from Spain
The size of Mexico is about three times the size of which US State?
Mexico City is built on top of what kind of natural formation?
The Aztecs built Tenochtitlan – the site of present-day Mexico City – on an island in an expansive lake.
Dormant volcano
Salt bed
Which of these languages is NOT spoken in Mexico?
Mayan Languages
Which three elements are represented on the Mexico’s coat of arms on the national flag?
Eagle, Sun and Stars
Cactus, Eagle and Snake
Sun, Snake and Stars
Cactus, Cattle head and Mouse
Which Mexican landmark is considered one of the ‘new’ (man made) Seven Wonders of the World?
Chichen Itza served as the political and religious center of the Maya civilization (750 - 1200 AD) in Central America. The temple of Kukulkan sits in the middle of the ancient city of Chichen Itza, and measures 79 feet in height.
Chichen Itza
Machu Picchu
The Zocalo
Monte Alban
How many states does Mexico have?
What is the name of a popular Mexican breakfast dish consisting mainly of corn tortilla chips?
Which of these popular foods comes originally from Mexico?
Red peppers
Brown sugar
Which of these diseases helped the Spanish defeat the Aztecs?
More to Learn About Mexico
You got only a few of the questions about Mexico right. You probably don't know much about Mexico. That's a shame. It's a wonderfully exciting and fascinating place. It's well worth investigating, and we hope you do so after this quiz. Have a click on the 'Show Mistakes' button to see our answers to the questions and some explanations that will further your knowledge of Mexico.
Mexico Aficionado
You certainly know a lot about Mexico! Definitely more than the average Joe. It's incredible how little some people know about one of the biggest countries in the world, and we're happy to report you're not one of them. You have a good knowledge of Mexico as a country, but there is so much more to know, and there were some questions you answered incorrectly, so we recommend you look at the questions you did miss and complete your knowledge.
Honorary Mexican!
Hey, are you Mexican? No fair! If you aren't, we are mighty impressed with your knowledge of this fascinating country. Most people only know the stereotypes of Mexico but know little about the country itself. Being one of the biggest countries in the world, that is a shame. You have an advanced knowledge of this country, which means you have great geographical knowledge, have been interested in Mexico, or have been there. We bow to your expertise and dub thee an honorary Mexican!
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