Steal a Diamond and Learn About Your Decision Making

You are about to enter a new life. In this new life, you are a criminal and a thief. You are planning a big diamond heist with a very expensive payoff. In this quiz, you will need to make decisions that will either help or hinder you in achieving your goal. The decisions you make will decide whether you pull it off, as well as teach us about your decision making process and what kind of person you are.
You're about to carry out the biggest diamond heist in history! What kind of loot will you get?
One big diamond
A lot of little diamonds
A rare black diamond
No idea
How many people will you take with you? Remember, you have to share the loot with them!
What kind of getaway car will you get to escape at night?
Paolo Gamba / flickr
Black van
Black sports car
A motorcycle for each team member
Best to escape on foot
Choose the weapon you will use in the heist.
Rocket Launcher
Sniper rifle
Vitaly V. Kuzmin / wikipedia
Guns, and lots of them
I hate weapons
Where will you hide your loot until the "heat" is off?
In a big hangar with weapons in case I need to defend myself
In a remote forest cabin
I'll take the loot straight to the buyer while my team keeps the police busy
The best way not to be discovered is not to hide anything or do anything suspicious
Which team member do you think you'll need the most?
A smart hacker
A strongman
An acrobat
Myself, of course!
If the time comes when you have to leave a team member behind, who will it be?
The hacker - we won't need him anymore
All of them, that way I get it all
The strongman - he can keep the cops busy
The dexterous acrobat - he has the best chance of escaping
You made it out with the loot but one of your team members has a limp and is lagging. What do you do?
Help Him
Leave him behind
One of your team members draws a knife and demands the loot or he will kill you. What do you do?
Try to take him down myself
Call another team member to help me subdue him
Let him escape and later take him down and my loot back
Beg him to leave me some of the loot
What will be the first thing you do with the loot money?
Buy a huge house
Invest the money in stocks
Share with my friends and family
Go to a remote island where I can live like a king
Nicely done! You Stole the Diamond Using Force
You prefer directness to planning. In the case of the great diamond heist, this is what helps you carry it out successfully. You believe problems should be handled head on, and you do it in a way that leaves little room for interpretation, even if it means you have to use some force (in one way or another) - something that your inner courage allows you to do without hesitation. Your friends can depend on you to be there to defend them, and you are a great protector of those you love, because you also have strength enough to share.
Nice Job! You managed to steal the diamond with good planning
You prefer brains to brawn, and this is what helped you carry out this great diamond heist. You know that when everything is planned carefully, there is much less chance of failure. If your first plan fails, you usually have a plan B, followed by a plan C. This attitude allows you to make important decisions and make them well, because you take your time to plan.
You relied too much on luck and failed to steal the diamond
Unfortunately, the great diamond heist failed, mainly because you relied too much on luck and not enough on careful planning and your team. You probably prefer to work alone in life as well, avoid long term planning and like the tranquility of taking each day at a time. Remember there are people who love you and want to help you, don't hesitate to ask for their help - it's not a sign of weakness but of courage and strength. Our friends are there to help us with things we're not as good with.
Good job! You managed to steal the diamond relying on team work
You're a born leader, and you managed to pull off this diamond heist by relying on your team members and the way you worked with them, making them trust you and realizing you are there for them as a leader. This fact helps you in real life, because you know what you're good at and what you can use help with. You know when to rely on others and when to lead them. This makes you a great social leader.
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