What Kind of Movie Should You Live In?

Life, perhaps unfortunately, is not a movie. It's not as exciting or as full of interesting characters. In fact, it can be quite dull at times. It is of little surprise then that living in a movie world sounds like a terrific fantasy for many. Say you could live in a movie-like world, which genre would it be? Take our quiz and maybe we can find out together!
What is stress to you?
It's my biggest problem and I hate it
Only when it comes to relationships
Stress is when I feel most alive
I eat stress for breakfast
What is the biggest drawback about your current life?
Too safe and boring
Too much sadness
Too much stress and worry
Health problems and/or not enough physical activity
Something else
Not enough human interaction
Are you an outgoing person?
No, I'm more of a loner
Yes, very much so
About average I'd say
Mostly family and a few close friends
Can you ever be too excited?
Never, being excited is always good
Yes, and it always leads to trouble
Yes, and it puts people off
No, people love energetic and excited people
Do you feel like you need a lot of control over your life?
No, I prefer to let life just happen
Yes, I plan everything possible
Yes, and I'm really good at it
Not very much, just enough to keep me alive and sane
What would be more fun for you?
Swapping stories with close friends
Taking on a physical challenge
Having to do something dangerous and exciting
Going on a third date
When you read on the news something truly tragic, you...
Read all about it and perhaps cry or become deeply sad
Avoid it. I don't need the suffering
Read all the gory details and imagine what I would do in that situation
Feel sorry for the people involved but think how I would things better
Do you scare easy?
Yes, and I hate it
I'm fearless
I do, but I'm brave and I plough through it
I have about the same fears as most people, I think
Complete this sentence: Romantic relationships are...
very interesting things.
a good thing to fight for.
Choose a photo that seems the most interesting to you:
Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
I think the universe just happens in total chaos
I think things that happen are meant to happen
I have no idea
Which of these things, if any, do you hate the most?
Being bored
Being scared
Being lonely
Being embarrassed
Being unchallenged
Comedy and/or Romantic Comedy
Life is far from being a comedy, romantic or otherwise. But wouldn't it be wonderful if it were? If life were a comedy, you'd never have to feel anxious again, as you'd know everything will work out in the end, and nothing is too serious or terrible that you can't handle. Hey, you'll probably have fun doing it! <br><br>
Action and/or Action-Comedy
The difference between living in an action movie and taking action in the real world is that, in a world built like an action movie, you can take risks without dying, fight for the things you believe in, help people and all in all be a warrior for good (at least we hope for good!). <br><br> A life such as that is exciting without being too scary. Your days will be filled with meaningful fights and last-minute escapes. You'll travel all over the world and see every exotic location possible. It's not an easy life, but it's darn well a meaningful and exciting one.
Drama and/or Melodrama
Of all the movie worlds you could inhabit, the world of drama is perhaps closest to our own. Indeed life is more a drama it is an action movie or a comedy, although those sometimes do pop up. More than anything, life is about relationships between people. <br><br> The difference is, of course, that in a dramatic movie, there is little boredom to be had, while real life does hold long periods of waiting for something interesting to happen. In a dramatic world, you will never be lonely. You will always be entangled in complicated relationships, fights, mends, weddings and funerals. It is a lot life real life, only bolder, in stronger colors.
Thriller and/or Horror
Not many get this result on this quiz. It takes a truly special soul who is fitted to live in a dangerous world that is constantly trying to kill you. Monsters, murderers and ghosts may try to kill you, but you are fearless. You outwit them and defeat them, staying alive another day and saving those you care about from their clutches. <br><br> Sometimes it's more of a thriller, and you must stop schemes and evildoers from getting away with their plots against you. It is a non-stop existence of first priorities, a primal fight for survival that demands your utmost wits and physical skills every day. It is a huge challenge, but you'll never be bored again.
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