How Do You See the World?

They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. That means that in order to see the world, you have to use your own eyes to filter what you see. While we probably see the same things, the WAY we see them can change quite a bit. How do YOU see the world? Follow our instructions and find out...
Pick the image that moves you most.
Pick the image that scares you most.
Pick the image that inspires you.
Pick the image you want to go to.
Pick a variation of this image.
Pick the image you most associate with your memories.
Pick the image that most connects you to your childhood.
Click on the image that makes you think of the word 'Trust'.
Pick a photo that makes you feel good.
Pick an image that reminds you of your dreams at night.
Through Pink Glasses
It's quite a good thing, seeing the world through pink lenses. It means that you always look on the bright side of life, your glass is always half full, and no matter what, your outlook is always optimistic. You don't believe in negativity and worrying about things that are out of your control. You prefer to smile every morning, see the good in people, and believe that if we stand together, our world can truly become remarkable.
Through Worried Eyes
As far as you can remember, you have always been worried about something. You care a great deal about the people in your life, and you will do anything to make sure they are safe, including keeping yourself worried and looking for ways for them to better their lives or avoid tragedy. Yes, life is full of terrifying things, but it's also full of incredible and beautiful people and things that go unnoticed when we only look for the bad. Try and see something positive every day, to balance out that worry and give some needed mitigation.
Through a Parent's Eyes
Your experience as a parent is the most significant and inspiring event of your life. You care for your children and family in general more than anything else in the world. Since the first moment you've held them in your arms and saw their curious eyes, you've known that now your true journey in life has begun.<br><br> You go through life trying to see everything, and teach them accordingly. You look for obstacles to avoid, and opportunities to show them what life is about. While this is a wonderful thing, remember not to forget yourself, not everything in the world has to be seen as a parent.
Through a Fighter's Eyes
Good or bad, life has not been easy on you. While most people struggle with a few bumps along the way, you had to overcome many. These struggles have forced you to look at life through the eyes of someone who fights for what they have or for what they want to be. A warrior, a fighter.<br><br> You are always ready for the next fight, and when you feel that life is "too easy" you find yourself a new challenge. Although this has helped you along the years, it is not the best way to live your life. You should take off the fighter's glasses and look at the world through more measured eyes. Sure, struggles are still going to be there, but you can take them in stride.
Through the Eyes of Imaginaiton
While most people see the world as is, you see not one, but many worlds of fancy. While we see a boring field filled with plants and dirt, you see a magnificent part of history, a vast playground filled with knowledge and stories we might never hear. You truly have a gift, one that enables you to see things in a unique and special way, unlike most of us. This world may bore you at times, and you can't wait to discover more avenues of thought and adventure.
Through Wondering Eyes
The world is a huge and vast playground for you, filled with wonders and lessons to be learned. You love to travel, learn new things, and challenge yourself whenever you can. You always search for something you don't know, a new lesson to take, and some new activity to explore. Your curiosity in this age means you read a lot online and delight in discovering new things you've never seen or heard about before. This is exactly what the world was made for!
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