What Do You Look For?

When you look at something new, both your eye and your mind are attracted to certain things. You may see, feel or think certain things, all depending on what you subconsciously look for even before you've seen an image. In this personality test, we're going to see if we can find out what you look for with your mind and eye when you look upon an image. For this to work, please take a fast look at the images shown and try to catch yourself in the act - what was your first thought, what drew your eye - and what did you feel?
What went through your mind when you saw this photo?
My eyes went to the green and pink colors in the photo
I was thinking it's a photo of a couple
I was looking at the phone in the front of the photo
I was thinking that this is a toy store
What did you see or think about first?
I was seeing a neat row of tiny people
I was thinking that these kids must have just finished the school day
I was looking at one of the kids who caught my eye
I was seeing a moment of happiness
What did you see or think about first?
That there are people sitting in a circle
That this is an important business meeting
I was looking at the person standing up
That everyone seems to be looking at the person standing
What did you see or think about first?
Noticed the windows that look like eyes first
Thought how this is not a photo but a painting
Felt this was a lovely place
Thought of a place it reminds you of
Thought of a city
What did you see or think about first?
That this woman looks happy
That this woman is working
The contrast between her shirt color and her white environment
The potted plant behind the woman
What did you see or think about first?
The red cup of coffee
The hands
That this is an artist's desk
That this image is colorful
What did you see or think about first?
That this image is very blue
That these people look scared
One of the people in the background
Immediately thought of a horror movie
What did you see or think about first?
That this is Noah's ark
That this is a cute drawing
The animals that haven't gotten on the ark yet
The purple elephants
What did you see or think about first?
That this is a Dali painting
The melting clocks
That something is wrong with this image
The tree with its bare branches
What did you see or think about first?
That this is a biblical scene
The clothes Abraham is wearing
The angel
The looks on the characters' faces
What did you see or think about first?
The man sitting next to the window
The smiling faces of the man and the flight attendant
The act of the man getting a drink from the flight attendant
The clothes the flight attendant and the man are wearing
What did you see or think about first?
The big statue standing in the back
That these are Romans or Greeks
That this is the scene of Caesar's assassination
The strong reds, blues and whites in the painting
Beauty and Symmetry
When you look at a new image, photo, painting or just looking at a scene, your eyes, and mind, are drawn to what you see as beauty. Your eye looks for strong colors and their contrasts. You find great satisfaction in this kind of color symmetry. <br><br> The other thing that attracts your attention is symmetry of shape. You first see circles and then groups, symmetrical lines before the objects they contain. In this way your mind grabs the most striking visuals and chooses to process them first (in nanoseconds) and then go and search for the bigger meaning in the image.
The Odd
You like patterns - so you can break them. You like clean lines - so you can add something in contrast to them. In other words, your eye, and mind, always look for the unusual thing in an image, a scene, a photograph or a painting. <br><br> Your mind loves the breaking of patterns, the one rule breaker that proves the rule. You enjoy visuals where there is only one thing a bit wrong to break the otherwise normal image. In life, you may do the same, paying attention to the different, the odd or the underdog.
The Big Picture
You're a big picture person. Your mind focuses on deciphering the MEANING or GOAL of the image first, before processing the smaller details a few nanoseconds later. In other words, you tend to seek with your eye and mind in tandem, creating a holistic meaning. <br><br> For you, a painting being colorful registers second, while the meaning in the image or the fact that it is an image of a certain type or of a certain scene - these thoughts and feelings come first. In life, it could be you do the same, looking for the meaning behind events before thinking about the individual details that occurred.
Emotional Details
When looking at a new image, photograph, painting or even real-life scene, your brain chooses to process information that is either emotional for you or links to you on some personal level. So, for example, you may notice the emotional tone of a situation before realizing the bigger picture or the smaller details that are also a part of the story behind the image. <br><br> You are probably a sensitive person, who is very socially aware and has a high level of emotional intelligence. Your mind seems to seek out emotions and personal significance when looking at things, and it asks your eye to do the same.
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