What Do You Know About Hamburgers?

Hamburgers are arguably the most popular sandwich in the world. They offer an array of different compositions and shapes, but they always do one thing really well - they make us feel full and satisfied. How much do you know about one of the most popular foods in the world?
How did the Hamburger get its name?
From the Baltic provinces of Russia in the Middle Ages where rowdy, nomadic tribes of Tartary developed a fondness for steak Tartar.
From the German trading partners of the Tartars who lived in Hamburg; they developed a taste for raw beef fried with onions, called Hamburg Steak
From German immigrants who brought “Hamburg Steak” to the US in the 1700s and 1800s
All answers are correct
What was the world’s first hamburger chain founded in 1921, in Wichita, Kansas?
White Castle
Burger King
In-N-Out Burger
When and where did the first McDonald’s Restaurant open?
1955, Illinois
1952, New Jeresy
1956, Louisiana
1961, California
How is meat for burgers usually prepared?
What kind of lettuce does McDonald's use in their Big Mac hamburger?
Cos lettuce
Iceberg lettuce
Buttercrunch lettuce
Butterhead lettuce
What is the nickname for the tiny, square burgers sold at White Castle?
Luger Burgers
Original Burger
How many calories, roughly, are in Burger King's 'Big Whopper'?
Which kind of meat is usually used to make hamburgers?
What's "Burger King's" most iconic slogan?
Have it Your Way
The Best!
Come Hungry, Leave Happy
Eat Like a King
Where can you get a 'Big Bacon Classic'?
Burger King
Jack in the Box
Where can one find the 'Hamburger Hall of Fame'?
Seymour, Wisconsin
Chicago, Illinois
New York, New York
Austin, Texas
True or False: During World War I, Hamburgers were known as 'Liberty Sandwiches' to avoid using German names.
Try Again?
You don't need to know anything about your hamburger to enjoy it, but it sure does pay to know what you're eating and where it comes from. Why not try your hand again, perhaps you'll improve your score?
Burger Lover
It seems you know quite a bit about these hamburgers. Great! Hamburgers are the most popular sandwiches and some of the most popular foods in the world, especially for people going out to eat or in hotels! We wager you enjoy the occasional tasty burger yourself.
Burger Master!
You know so much about hamburgers! Aren't they delicious? You really aced our test. Hamburgers are by far the most popular sandwiches in the USA and in many other countries. Seems like you eat your share, since you know so much about it!
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