What Do You Know About PIZZA?

It's hot, it's soft, it melts in your mouth and it tastes so, so good. It's the pizza, one of the most beloved foods in the world! It comes in so many varieties, and we each have our own favorites. Do you love pizza? We bet you do! How much do you know about it, though? Take our quiz to find out...
Let's start you off easy. Where was the modern pizza invented?
What city in Italy is considered the birthplace of the modern pizza?
If someone orders a "white pizza" what are they going to get?
A pizza without tomato sauce
A pizza without cheese
A pizza with a double layer of cheese
A pizza with every topping
When was the modern pizza first invented?
Early 16th century
Early 19th century
Early 18th century
Early 17th century
What comprises a traditional Neapolitan pizza?
Mozzarella cheese and pepperoni
Mozzarella cheese and anchovies
Gorgonzola cheese and sausage
Gorgonzola cheese and black olives
What is the most commonly requested topping on a pizza?
When was frozen pizza invented?
How was pizza initially sold?
By street vendors
By restaurants
As special food prepared for festivities
In rich households, made by chefs
The first modern pizzas were made with what people in mind?
The working class
The rich
Which American city is famous for its 'Deep Dish' pizza?
New York
New Orleans
What are the traditional toppings of a Pizza Margherita?
Pepperoni and sausage
Tomato, basil, and mozzarella
Broccoli and spinach
Mushrooms and black olives
Which pizza company, founded by Tom Monaghan in 1960, pioneered the delivery of the pizza?
Papa John's Pizza
Domino's Pizza
Pizza Hut
Little Caesars Pizza
What topping, brought from America to Europe in the 16th century, revolutionized the "flatbread" into the form that we now know as pizza?
Plain Pizza
Unfortunately your score was low and so you may not know much about pizza, or perhaps you just know you love it! We don't know, but we suggest you try your hand again, or alternatively, look at your mistakes and our answers.
Pizza Lover
Nicely done! Everyone loves pizza but not everyone knows something about it, where it came from and what people love most about it. Your score isn't the highest but it's pretty darn good for someone who doesn't sell pizzas. Nicely done!
Pizza Connoisseur
We've got a true pizza lover over here! You don't just love pizza, you know a lot about it! It's one of the most delicious foods in existence, and many people enjoy it at least once a week if not more. We congratulate you on your knowledge!
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