The Chinese Cuisine Quiz

Chinese cuisine is a huge part of Chinese culture, and as it made its way around the world it has gained many admirers. This complex and traditional food is flavorful and unforgettable, and has become a staple outing food in many countries. How much do YOU know about this major cuisine?
What collection of small dishes, often including dumplings, is served for snack or lunch in China?
Egg Roll
Dim Sum
Banh Mi
Thai Chi
True or false: Though the Chinese are known for their many wonderful recipes, their cuisine is virtually devoid of sweet dishes, pastries or other confections that we would consider dessert.
Which of these vegetables are least likely to be found in a Chinese food recipe?
Bok Choy
Water Chestnuts
What sauce is usually used on Peking Duck?
Yuxiang Sauce
Hoisin Sauce
Sweet And Sour Sauce
Chili Sauce
What is Chinese stir fry with peanuts and a spicy soy based sauce called?
Kung Pao
Chop Suey
General Tsai
Chow Mein
Which one of these is a porridge made by boiling rice for a long time?
Mapo Tofu
Hot Pot
Which famous Chinese recipe would include pork tenderloin, several varieties of mushrooms, eggs, bamboo shoots, scallions, garlic and ginger all wrapped in a pancake?
Mu Shu Pork
Char Siu
Hong Kong Pork
Sweet and Sour Pork
What is the specific term for the small, boiled dumplings that can be stuffed in a multitude of ways?
What is sesame oil used for in Chinese cuisine?
This spice is referred to as Chinese parsley or coriander.
Mung beans
The most common piece of equipment to cook Chinese cuisine with is a...
Waffle Iron
Large Pot
This color of ground pepper is often used in Chinese cooking.
Traditionally in Chinese cuisine, tea is served _____ the meal.
Wanna Try Again?
You either don't really eat much Chinese food or you haven't really learned about what you've ordered from Chinese restaurants. We tend to think you probably haven't eaten Chinese food or not in a while, since it's pretty memorable food.
Familiar With Chinese Food
You did pretty well for yourself, assuring us that you do enjoy the flavorful Chinese kitchen from time to time. You probably don't eat it all the time, or haven't in some time, but hey, how about some Chinese tonight?
Are You Chinese?!?
Wow, you know a LOT about the Chinese cuisine, good for you! You must have a love for flavorful food and you probably enjoy Chinese food from time to time, at least enough to remember it quite vividly. You aced our Chinese Food quiz, congratulations!
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