Covid-19: The Handwashing Test!

  I feel like we don't even have to explain why hand washing is important nowadays, do we? In this dystopian present we find ourselves, we must fight the Covid-19 virus with every weapon in our arsenal, and the most powerful weapon we have is... caution. People think caution is simple but it isn't really. Sometimes it goes against lifelong habits. But today we have no choice. By the time you finish this quiz, you have either proven to yourself you know how to wash your hands thoroughly, or you'll learn how to. Either way, please share it with others, we all have little holes in our cautionary walls, and one person letting their guard down may affect many others.
What temperature of water is best to wash your hands with?
Doesn't matter
Ice cold
What is the best way to dry your hands after?
With your shirt
Air dry
Hand dryer
Toilet or tissue paper
A towel
What is the SECOND best way to dry your hands?
Studies have shown a clean cloth or paper are best, followed by air drying. Hand dryers may not be safe.
With your shirt
Toilet or tissue paper
Hand dryer
A towel
Air dry
When preparing food, when should you wash your hands?
Kitchen gloves are not a sure thing against viruses, which can get through tiny holes you can't see.
Before preparation
Before and after preparation
Before, after and during preparation
No need if you wear your usual kitchen gloves
How long do you need to scrub your hands for?
10 seconds
20 seconds
30 seconds
Doesn't matter
Where is the highest concentration of microbes found on the hand?
Under the nails
On the back of the hand
In the crevices between the fingers
Everywhere equally
What type of soap do you need to use?
To date, studies have shown that there is no added health benefit for consumers (this does not include professionals in the healthcare setting) using soaps containing antibacterial ingredients compared with using plain soap
Goal milk soap
Castile soap
Doesn't matter
Which part of the hand should you scrub especially?
Back of the hand
Palm of the hand
Under the nails
All of the above
True or false: Hand sanitizers are better than water and soap.
Which of these is UNTRUE about hand sanitizers?
Sanitizers don't get rid of all germs
Sanitizers don't get rid of dirt
Sanitizers may not remove harmful chemicals
Sanitizers can and should be used all over the body
True or False: Antibacterial soaps are more effective at getting rid of bacteria than regular soap.
Recent scientific research has shown that antibacterial soaps are no more effective at getting rid of bacteria than traditional soaps, so long as hands are washed properly. Antibacterial soaps are also linked to a rise in drug-resistant bacteria, making modern workers less safe.
What is the MOST common mistake people make when washing their hands?
The most common mistake these days is washing your hands but then touching the faucet and handle of the bathroom door without a paper tissue to protect you, thus spoiling the washing.
Touching the faucet or handle right after
Not drying their hands enough
Missing important places on the hands
Not washing hands long enough
There are holes in your cautionary wall!
According to your score, you have more to learn about thorough hand washing with soap and water. This is so important right now, please review your mistakes and the correct answers closely, and perhaps even do the quiz again to prove to yourself you know this well. These are dangerous times and we want you to be safe!
You're doing fine, but you may have something to learn...
Your hands are probably doing fine, and you keep to most of the cautionary rules. However, you did have some mistakes. It may be to a non-crucial question or it may be something important. Please check the answers below and even try and do the quiz again to make sure you have this down. This is too important not to do perfectly these days. Please keep safe!
You're Clean as a Whistle!
Phew! It's wonderful you know very well how to get your hands clean! If you've had a mistake, check it out below, but you obviously know how to keep yourself safe at these hard times, and that knowledge is probably reflected in all your habits. Please keep staying safe!
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