Corona Quiz: Late 2020 Edition

 It's hard to believe the Coronavirus was unheard of a year ago. Now that we're almost 10 months into the pandemic, how much do you know about the progress of this virus, where we stand globally and what other effects it has? All this and more will be asked (and taught) in this Coronavirus test for late 2020.
As of October 2020, how many people worldwide have died of the Coronavirus?
Around 1.2 million as of late October, 2020
Over 1 Million
Over 800 thousand
Over 500 thousand
Over 300 thousand
What country currently has the largest number of deaths due to Covid-19?
USA currently has over 230 thousand deaths from Corona
United States
Who has the SECOND most deaths in the world?
Brazil currently has about 150 thousand deaths from Corona
United States
Who made the medicine that treated US President Trump for the virus?
Johnson & Johnson
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
What percentage of those that become symptomatic show only MILD symptoms and don't require hospitalization?
Which of these world leaders has NOT been infected with Corona?
Boris Johnson, UK
Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil
Mikhail Mishustin, Russia (Prime Minister)
Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel
According to the current WHO plan, which country will be first to get the vaccine?
There is NO concrete plan as of yet known to the public, but experts say that certain age groups and people with high risk of suffering serious ill from Corona should be treated first.
United States
The UK
None. The plan is to treat by demographic and not country.
Wearing a mask reduces the chances of Covid-19 infection by ____ percent.
According to research by the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Center at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.
We now know of POST-Corona syndrome, as in symptoms for people who have been cured of the Coronavirus. Which of these is NOT one of the symptoms?
Damage to internal organs
Low Blood Oxygen
Acute Migraines
Balancing problems
Which of these internal organs is NOT damaged by the Coronavirus in post-corona syndrome?
Which country has the LOWEST number of Corona deaths?
New Zealand had only 25 deaths from the Coronavirus.
New Zealand
How long does it take for MILD cases of Corona to recover after being diagnosed and treated?
For severe cases, it takes 3-6 weeks. For some unlucky people the symptoms never went away.
Two weeks
A month
Two months
8 days
What percent of those infected with the virus become ill and show symptoms?
Get More Informed
Now that Corona has been around for quite some time, it can become challenging to keep up-to-date with all the new information, symptoms, vaccinations and treatments. There is an overload of info, and so it's no surprise that some are not updated on the latest information. That said, this isn't some esoteric knowledge, this is crucial information to know at the moment, and we hope you will take this opportunity to get updated right now on what's going on with the global pandemic.
Good But You Have More to Learn
You got at least half of the questions correctly probably and that means you ARE aware of things happening with the Coronavirus right now, you just may have missed a few things or have not been updated in a little while. Keep track of what you missed when you check the mistakes and do a bit of research on it, it's important information to have!
You Know It All Already!
Great job! You obviously keep track closely of what's going on with this global pandemic, and thank goodness, because that is CRUCIAL information to have at the moment. It affects each and every one of us, and we have to remain on top of our own education if we are to beat it! Congratulations, you ACED it!
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