Why didn't the mummy have any friends? Because he was too wrapped up in himself.
How come the mummy doesn't want a telephone? Because he always gets too wrapped up on his calls.
I wish I was your coronary artery so that I could be wrapped around your heart.
Girl, I'm jealous of your shirt.
Because it's wrapped around you and I'm not.
What do you call a bacon wrapped dinosaur? Jurrasic Pork.
What do you call it when you have to quickly eat a beef dish wrapped in pastry crust?
A brief Wellington
Did you hear that they're trying to convict an orange?
It got wrapped up in appeal.
There was an Old Person of Mold,
Who shrank from sensations of cold,
So he purchased some muffs,
Some furs and some fluffs,
And wrapped himself from the cold.
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