Towards Jokes

What should you do when you see Frankenstein walking towards you?
Make a bolt for it.
As the taxi raced towards the hospital, my wife cried, "The baby's coming! Don't stop the car! I can't make it! DON'T! CAN'T! WON'T!"
"Driver, hurry!" I implored. "Her contractions are getting closer together!"
"I was a vegetarian until I started leaning towards sunlight."
- Rita Rudner
My 6 year old daughter has lined up all of her dolls towards the outdoor grill...
Looks like she’s preparing some kind of Barbie queue...
What do you call a toddler running towards their mother with arms high up in the air?
A quick pick-me-up.
As I am walking towards my classroom, I get to know that my miss-is-sippi-ng my glass of water.
Why does the paparazzi beaver have a camera pointing towards the river? To keep up with current events and give main-stream updates.
I'm currently dating a famous soccer player. He's so loving and caring towards me.
He's a keeper.
What steps do you take when you see a tiger running towards you? Big ones!
Your clothes would look better accelerating towards the floor at 9.8 m/s.
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