Sure Jokes

Is your name Pepsi? Because you sure are sizzling.
I've checked it twice, and I'm sure you're on my "naughty" list.
Are you a lion of the sea? Because I’m sure, I’ll see you in my bed tonight, lion.
Hmm, there seems to be a kiss of mint in this blend. How about a real kiss, just to be sure?
The barista may have forgotten your name... but I sure haven't.
Tricks aren’t really my thing. But you’re sure a treat.
I'm like acetaminophen. I'll make sure all your pains go away when we're together.
Not sure what my creatinine clearance is, but I just can't get you out of my system.
"When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it’s a sure sign you’re getting old." - Mark Twain
The Black Cat With a White Spot Aerith and Bob were talking. "Say, Aerith", said Bob, "do you know if anybody in the village has a black cat with a white spot underneath its chin?" "I don't think so, no", said Aerith. They sat in silence for a bit, before Bob said, "Are you sure? Come on, think harder. Black cat, a big one, with a white spot underneath its chin." "I'm pretty sure there isn't a cat like that in the village", said Aerith, getting visibly annoyed. There was another minute of silence before Bob said, "But are you really, really..." "YES!" Aerith yelled. "I'm really, really sure! There isn't a black cat with a white spot underneath its chin anywhere in this village! Nobody has one!" "Well, crud", said Bob and gave a mighty sigh. "Then I must've run over the priest the other day."
"Are you a witch because you sure got me spellbound."
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
You remind me of a diamond necklace because you sure sparkle and shine bright.
Hey, do you want to go on an Easter egg hunt? I'm sure you'll find something surprising in my pants.
Are you sure that you’re not a microwave oven? Because, you sure make my heart melt!
Are you made of apples? Cause you sure look sweet as pie.
I don’t know your name, but I’m sure it’s as beautiful as you are.
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