Seek Jokes

Sorry, I can't play hide and seek. Someone like you is simply impossible to find.
There is a Giant Screwdriver attacking the city. Please seek shelter immediately. This is not a drill.
To whom did the squirrel go to seek out his fortune.
You may want to seek help if you feel despresso when you don't have coffee.
What was the most common game played by Greek Gods?
Hydra and seek.
What explorer was the best at Hide and Seek?
Marco Polo.
The oranges hadn’t been peeling well for a week when they finally decided to seek medical attention.
Albert Einstein, Blaise Pascal, and Isaac Newton decided to play a game of hide and seek.
Einstein covers his eyes and starts counting.
Pascal runs off to hide but Newton takes a chalk and marks a 1m×1m square on the floor and stands in it.
"Ready or not, here I come!" Einstein exclaims while he opens his eyes. He sees Newton standing out in the open and says "Haha, I found you Newton!"
Newton replies "No, you found Pascal."
Who would win a game of hide and seek between a dalmatian and a tiger? The tiger because he wouldn't be spotted.
Why couldn't the leopard play hide and seek?
Because he was always spotted.
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