Who is the most powerful potato? Darth Tater.
What did the lightning strike survivor say when interviewed?
"It was shockingly powerful. Like, it really Hertz"
You must be a summoner, cause I can feel a powerful creature rising... in my pants!
There's this vampire who's more powerful than any other, because he can't be hurt by the sun
All other vampires pale in comparison.
Your beauty is a singularity. The force of attraction between us is so powerful.
Even the most powerful storms of Jupiter couldn’t keep me from you!
Tiny Chihuahua,
Humongous Great Dane.
The difference between them
Is really quite plain.
Feisty Chihuahua
Will yap-yap and yip.
If he doesn't like you,
You may get a nip!
Gentle Great Dane
Has a powerful bite,
But never would nip you.
She's much too polite.
Great Dane finds the carpet
A fine place to nap.
Chihuahua loves curling
Right up in your lap.
Their owners would have
Some cause for dismay
If each dog behaved
In the opposite way!

(Kristin Frederick)
My friend explained how powerful (yet invisible) farts work via demonstration.
I was blown away by his transparency.
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