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“If I'm ever being chased by a giraffe I'm gonna run into a place with low ceiling fans. Sorry, giraffe, but I gotta do what's best for me."
- Amber Tozer
What do you call a weary Viking conqueror?
Bluetooth low energy
The other day someone made fun of my ears for hanging down too far.
Lobe low, dude.
If your doctor tells you to go on a low sodium diet, do you take his advise with a grain of salt?
My friend who's a vampire was feeling a bit low. I told him to drink B positive.
My life-long rival just beat my record for deep-sea diving.
This is a new low.
My uncle was crushed by a piano...
His funeral was very low key.
I was shocked to read in the papers today that a dwarf had been pickpocketed. I just thought to myself, how could someone stoop so low?
I won't make fun of your height, I wouldn't stoop that low.
Your batteries must be low after hiking all day. Can I recharge them?
“It doesn’t matter how low the dollar will go, I will always bend down and pick it up.” ~ Anonymous
I'm looking to sell my DeLorean. Good shape, low mileage...
Only driven from time to time.
I was offered a job as a gardener, but I didn’t take it because the celery was too low.
Someone stole my lawn gnome that was under my porch!
Who would stoop so low?
Why did the confused gnome decide to see a shrink?
Because he had low elf-esteem.
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