Least Jokes

What's a zombie's least favorite quiz question?
A no-brainer.
What’s a skeleton’s least favorite room in the house?
The living room.
What is the baby vampire's least favorite fast food establishment?
Stake n shake!
Which is a meat patty's least favourite day of the week? Fry-day!
My aunt once told my sister, "You are so tall that you look like a pine tree". She replied, "At least, I am useful to other people!"
Any self-respecting rock will break at least one shovel before accepting its new home.
“Old age is an excellent time for outrage. My goal is to say or do at least one outrageous thing every week.” - Maggie Kuhn
You are astoundingly gorgeous, but I can tell that’s the least exciting thing about you. I’d love to know more.
At least one advantage of being small is getting to be in front in all pictures every time.
The least favorite day for an orange is a juice day.
Baby, you're so hot it's got to be at least Fahrenheit 451 in here.
Sandy was a chocoholic,
The worst I've ever seen!
If she didn't eat some daily,
She'd become crazy mean!

It didn't matter what kind it was,
Ice cream, cake, pie or candy,
As long as it was chocolate,
Sandy was fine and dandy!

Then one day the unthinkable happened,
To the chocolate loving miss,
While eating her favorite candy,
She choked on a chocolate kiss!

"Death by chocolate," the coroner concluded,
As to the cause of Sandy's death.
At least she died doing what she loved,
Eating chocolate til her last breath.

(Kim Merryman)
"Real gardeners buy at least ten thousand plants in the course of a lifetime without having the least idea where they'll put any of them when they get home."
— Anonymous
“Money and women are the most sought after and the least known about of any two things we have.”— Will Rogers
"Men make use of their illnesses at least as much as they are made use of by them." - Aldous Huxley
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