Who was the roundest knight at King Arthur's round table?
Sir Cumference.
What did the pony say to the Jedi Knight before she left on her adventure?
“May the horse be with you.”
What is a medieval owl called?
A knight owl.
What do you call an owl dressed in armor?
A knight owl.
How do knights communicate?
They use chain mail.
What do you call a knight made entirely out of china?
Sir Ramic.
The George and Dragon
The George and Dragon A tourist driving across rural England decided to stay the night in a small town. The only place with rooms available was a quaint English pub, The George and Dragon, which had a lovingly painted sign with a Knight beside a defeated dragon blowing in the evening breeze. Entering the bar room, which while empty had a roaring fire against the back wall, leather padded booths, and a mahogany bar with brass rails, polished to a shine, they went up to the bar and asked for a room. "Rooms cost £20 per night, we don't accept euros, and you must be out by 7am tomorrow, or else you pay for both days." "Alright then, could I get something to eat ma-" "Kitchen closed at 6, and I am not going back there until 11am tomorrow, no matter what you say. Anything else?" "Yes, could I please talk to George?"
Hey girl, are you looking for your knight in shining armor?
Well I just happen to be wearing the full armor of God.
Do baseball players ever wear armor?
Only during knight games.