Dragon Jokes

I hope you like dragons, because I'll be dragon my balls across your face tonight.
The George and Dragon A tourist driving across rural England decided to stay the night in a small town. The only place with rooms available was a quaint English pub, The George and Dragon, which had a lovingly painted sign with a Knight beside a defeated dragon blowing in the evening breeze. Entering the bar room, which while empty had a roaring fire against the back wall, leather padded booths, and a mahogany bar with brass rails, polished to a shine, they went up to the bar and asked for a room. "Rooms cost £20 per night, we don't accept euros, and you must be out by 7am tomorrow, or else you pay for both days." "Alright then, could I get something to eat ma-" "Kitchen closed at 6, and I am not going back there until 11am tomorrow, no matter what you say. Anything else?" "Yes, could I please talk to George?"
Hey, I would like to introduce my Crouching Tiger to your Hidden Dragon.
Have you ever seen a baby dragon eating ice cream?
It'll melt your heart.
Why did the pre-pubescent dragon lose the rap battle?
He couldn't spit hot fire yet.
There was an exotic pet race to take place.

Adam brought an iguana. "Hes big and fast so hes sure to win!"
Daniel brought a komodo dragon. "He can go really fast when theres a treat for him at the end!"
John brought a leopard gecko. "Hes small but does his best!"

The bets were placed, the race took place and Johns leopard gecko won. When asked after the race how they felt his competitors had only one thing to say:

"Sure no surprises there. We knew he was going to win from the gecko."
After a long day at work, I feel like half a mythical creature...
Because I'm Dragon Ass.
A komodo dragon works security cameras at a store for other komodo dragons. Mostly, he makes sure no other dragon is spying on the customers.
He's a monitor monitor monitoring a monitor for monitoring monitors.
What's worse than a dragon speaking to you?
The money that you have to pay for therapy.
Why did the Dragon Cross the Road?
He wanted to eat some chicken.
A dragon would never explode
But a dino might.
What do you call Dragon with no silver?
A dron.
You think dinosaurs are scary?
Imagine dragons!
I summoned the dragon just for you. Now its time to make your wish come true.
How did explorers hide their treasures in the medieval ages? By dragon them to a safe location.
How did murderers hide the body in medieval times?
They start by dragon it.
Santa hit a dragon and killed it whilst flying over medieval England...
... guess you could say he sleighed it
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