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Turns out my dad who’s a locksmith still has to go to work during lockdown.
He’s a key worker, you see.
Where do restless travelers like to go?
To Rome.
Why did the Cold War go on for so long?
Because Russia kept Stalin.
Why did the train have bubble gum? Because he wanted to go Choo Choo
A railroad engineer must be sure not to lose his train of thought or he might go down the wrong track.
What does a snail wear to go dancing?? Escargogo boots.
Why does the dolphin kingdom never go to war?
Because it would defeat the porpoise.
25 Years For Being Lazy
25 Years For Being Lazy In a prison in China, prisoners are discussing who's in for what and for how long. "Hey, Zhang- what are you in for?" Zhang: "Strangled my wife's lover to death. Got 15 years. How about you, Wei?" Wei: "I got 10 years for robbery and stabbing. What about you, Wang?" Wang: "I got 5 years for attempted rape. What about you, Liu?" Liu: "25 years for being lazy." All the other prisoners: "WHAT?! HOW?" Liu sighs. "Well, my neighbor and I were playing Go and after few shots of wine, started telling jokes about Jinping and the government. After my neighbor left, I thought to myself: "I should go to the government and report him". But it was late and I was tired, so I decided to go just wait until the morning and went to sleep.  My neighbor, on the other hand, wasn't as lazy..."
What is one way to save money when you go to the lake?
Buy a “sale boat.”
Why can't Bill Clinton go scuba diving?
He won't inhale.
What happens when you go to the beach in hell?
You get a SaTan.
Why did the obtuse Triangle go to the beach?
Because it was more than 90°.
If you go to a beach and you can see through it, you could say the coast is clear.
Son: “Hey Dad, can we go to the beach?”
Dad: “Shore?”
My wife refused to go to a nude beach with me
I can't believe she is so clothes-minded.
Why don’t elephants go to the beach?
Because their trunks always fall down.