Farmers Jokes

Why don't cows have any money? Because farmers milk them dry
Farmers were in an all out war to decide which vegetable they would plant
It was resolved with a Peas Treaty.
Why didn't the medieval farmers harvest flowers to make tea?
It would have been an exercise in feudal-lily-tea.
Farmers are real experts, they are often outstanding in their fields.
Why do cows have no money?
Because farmers milk them dry.
A sheep dog says to the farmer, "I'm going to round up the sheep."
The dog comes back with 50 sheep. The farmers says, "we only have 48 sheep." The dog replies, "Yea, I told you I was going to round them up."
Why couldn't the boy run away with the farmer's daughter?
They were cantaloupe farmers.
Why do farmers make terrible comedians?
Their jokes are corny!
I hate getting into arguments with farmers about the best methods for keeping crows away.
They always resort to straw man arguments.
Tried acting in a theatre full of farmers. Got mooed off stage.
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