Ex Jokes

Why did the Math teacher get a divorce?
He substituted his wife for an ex.
My ex husband went to a colonoscopy the other day.
Good news: They found his head!
Guess who just woke up to 19 missed calls and 30 messages from his ex?
My ex.
I ran into my ex in town yesterday. Then I ran over him and backed up to run into him again.
My Ex Girlfriend stole my Hummus.
I told that chick, peace
You look like my future ex wife.
Hey babe - are you the ex leader of the Australian Democrats because I'd love to Despoja.
Girl: Your ex is so attractive
Boy: Which one?
Girl: ME. Goodbye.
My ex just sneezed and I accidentally said "bless you"
Now she just staring at the bushes confused wondering who said that.
Today was a terrible day. My ex got hit by a bus, and I lost my job as a bus driver
I sit in front if my ex in physics.
There used to be a lot of friction between us.
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