Ended Jokes

Did you hear about the two silk worms in a race?
It ended in a tie.
I once dreamt of crossing a wide river...
But it ended up being just a ferry tale.
When the pig had a quarrel with his wife, he ended up having a gilt trip.
I knew a vampire who was trying to become an actor. He gave it his best shot, but ended up retraining. He just couldn't find a role he could sink his teeth into.
A kitchen knife and fork had a race. Who won? Neither, it ended in a drawer.
The First World War ended very quickly because they were Russian.
Broke my arm and ended up in hospital. The doctor told me she would have to take a urine sample.
I asked her if she was taking the piss.
Two white bears got married, but soon ended up unhappy and got divorced.
It’s as if they were polar opposites.
What happened when a man practiced archery near some stationary planes? They ended up very arrow-dynamic.
There were two knights who were fighting a long duel with each other. The fight ended when one of them chopped off the other's leg- guess the knight was defeeted.
There was a rebellious lightning bolt who ended up in juvenile hall.
His parents grounded him so he struck them.
Local glass blower inhaled whilst working. He ended up with a pane in his stomach.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
went out with a guy to the bar.
He bought me one and bought me two
but I ended up with Hugh.
One strawberry said to the other, “Were it not that you were so sweet, you wouldn’t have ended up in this jam.”
A strawberry screamed at the other, "Were it not that ripe, we wouldn't have ended up in this jam."
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