Degrees Jokes

What did the doctor say to the skeleton who had a temperature of 103 degrees?
- Looks like you are running a femur.
My wife tried to claim she was a night owl.
She was lying though, because when I tried to turn her head through 270 degrees, her neck snapped.
Take me to Papa John's, because this is love at 425 degrees.
In Ancient Rome, there were 4 types of poison. Poisons I, II, and III would all kill you with varying degrees of pain.
However, Poison IV would just make you really itchy.
Why was the thermometer smarter than the graduated cylinder?
He had more degrees.
Don't you just hate it when it's 212 degrees outside? It really just makes my blood boil.
What temperature do you set a toy oven?
Faux hundred degrees.
Two muffins are sitting in the oven.
One says, “Wow, it’s hot in here.” The other one says, “Sure is. Probably about 350 degrees Fahrenheit.”
Doctor 1: what’s his body temperature?
Doctor 2: it’s 90 degrees.

Doctor 1: What?! That’s can’t be right!

Doctor 2: No, it is.
If you bake an oatmeal raisin cookie at a temperature of 666 degrees, what do you call it? Raisin hell!
Why did the freezer never graduate?
Because it was set on 0 degrees.
How do you keep food warm in the refrigerator?
Keep it in the corner, because it is 90 degrees.
Why did the Sun never got into college? Because it already has quite a million degrees!
Why did the obtuse angle go to the beach?
Because it was over 90 degrees.
How do you stay warm in any room?
Just huddle in the corner, where it’s always 90 degrees.
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