Cute Jokes

When the ghost saw his wife he said 'you're not just cute, you're boo-tiful too!'
A boy ghost thought a girl ghost was cute so he asked if she would be his ghoul-friend.
Are you a pot-head? Because weed be cute together
I bet your muffled screams are as cute as u.
Hey, you're pretty and I'm cute. Together we'd be pretty cute
Flamingo parents are really cute with their babies. You should see them playing Beak a Boo.
So I was in the library when this cute girl came up and asked to borrow my external hard drive
It was at this point I realized she wanted the (D:)
One ear of corn says to the other, “I think I have a stalker.”
The other corn replies, “Thats amaizing! Is he cute?” The ear replies, “No, too husky!”
I think we'd make a cute pear.
You're so cute I could bottle you up in a mason jar.
Cute dog! I just wanted to take this op-paw-tunity to say hi!
Cute dog in your pics! Can I have his number?
Your profile pic is so cute. The human isn't too bad looking either.
You are as cute and cuddly as a Koala.
What did the elephant say to a naked man? Hey that's cute but can you breath through it?
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