Two male zebras in the Zoo started making rap-music.
They're called the Zbruhs.
What is writing in sand called?
Have you ever seen the episode of VeggieTales directed by Tarantino?
It’s called Mango Unchained.
What is a bird that flies over a football field called?
A fieldgull.
I went to Oxford University, where I was a philosophy major and the starting goalkeeper on the football team.
They called me Soccertes.
What happened when the football coach’s dog ran onto the field during a game?
He got called for ineligible retriever down field!
Why should you never go back in time to alter the outcome of a football game?
You’ll be called for past interference!
Why was McGruff the Crime Dog ejected from the football game?
He was called for unnecessary gruffness!
why was the ship called 3.14
because it was full of π-rates.
Why are big boats called "Yachts"?
Because they cost "Yachts of money".
I'm Going to Host a Boat Race.
The winner will get pasta. It will be called the Penne Regatta.
I can't believe I got a life sentence for a little insider trading.
The judge called it "organ harvesting", but that's just semantics.
Did you know that a group of crows is called a murder?
Well, technically it’s only a murder if there’s probable caws.
Your doctor called with your colonoscopy results. Good news – they found your head.
I want to know what idiot called it a last will and testament.
It should’ve been called a dead giveaway.