Button Jokes

I want to tickle your belly button. From the inside, of course.
“The best thing to ever happen to marriage is the pause-live-TV button.” —Rick Reilly
How do werewolves stop a video?
They press the paws button.
Why couldn't the blonde add 10 + 5 on a calculator?
She couldn't find the "10" button.
What are the best mushrooms to have with a jacket potato? Button mushrooms!
What type of mushrooms can you put on a jacket? Button mushrooms.
If you are preparing jacket potatoes, your choice vegetables should be button mushrooms.
Chuck Norris's computer has no "backspace" button, Chuck Norris doesn't make mistakes.
What's the sketchiest button combo on a computer keyboard?
Shift + T

Edit*: sorry it seems as the CTRL button on my keyboard isn't working
Today my "O" button on my keyboard stopped working.
Maybe it was a sign I should've stopped o-ppressing the keyboard.
Someone vandalized my keyboard leaving only 1 button.
Surprisingly, the police were more thorough in the investigation than I expected. They even asked to see my colon.
Oh my beloved belly button.
The squidgy ring in my midriff mutton.
Your mystery is such tricky stuff:
Why are you so full of fluff?
(Richard Leavesley)
How did the little koala bear stop the movie? She hit the paws button.
Why was the blondes' belly button sore? Because her boyfriend was blonde too.
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