Why are seabirds so lucky in love?
Because one good tern always deserves another.
If my Hindu girlfriend thinks I'm going to eat Indian food, she has another think cumin.
How did the raindrop ask another raindrop on a date?
He asked her “Water you doing tonight?”
What is another king’s favorite type of precipitation?
What did one ocean say to another?
Nothing, it just waved.
In another town, the cowboy rides in wearing a paper suit. Paper pants, paper jacket, paper chaps. Even a paper holster!
He wasn't in town ten minutes before he was arrested for rustling.
How do you change a blonde's mind? A1: Blow in her ear. A2: Buy her another beer.
What is it called when a blonde blows in another blonde's ear? Data transfer.
A sweater I bought was picking up static electricity. So, I returned it to the store. They gave me another one free of charge.”
A man walks into a bar with a chunk of asphalt under his arm.
He goes up to the bartender and says "A drink please and another for the road."
What did the maggot say to another?
What's a nice maggot like you doing in a joint like this?
Short Funny Quotes
“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”
George Burns
How does one astronaut on the moon tell another astronaut that he is sorry?

He apollo-gises.
I heard the local flasher was due to retire.
But hes decided to stick it out for another year.
The sweater I bought recently kept picking up static-electricity, so I returned it to the store.
They gave me another one, free of charge.