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Around the World in 12 Hilariously Bizarre Laws

Every place in the world has its own set of rules and regulations. We’re used to living and abiding by our own country or city rules, so we usually only realize this when we go abroad. For example, there’s a very good reason why French men wear tight-fitting swimwear at the beach, or why you don’t see many tourists in Athens, Greece wear heeled shoes… Weirdly specific rules exist in all corners of our planet, and these are 12 of the weirdest.

1. Since 2009, high heels or "anything resembling stilettos" is banned at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. It turns out that pointy heels caused a lot of damage on the ancient site.

Bizarre Laws Acropolis

2. According to official French hygienic standards, men are not allowed to wear loose-fitting swimming trunks at beaches and pools. Hence, the abundance of men in speedos...

Bizarre Laws Winnie The Pooh French beach

3. Hear ye, hear ye! As of 1313, visiting the British Parliament in a full suit of armor is illegal. The strange fact is that the now pretty archaic rule is still acting...

Bizarre Laws armor

4. If you're drunk, resist the temptation of riding a cow in Scotland. The complete 1872 law prohibits being intoxicated when driving a cow, horse, carriage, or steam engine. And we'd love to know what precedent has led to the creation of this weirdly specific law...

Bizarre Laws cow

5. Winnie The Pooh is not favored in Poland because the cartoon character is *gasp* not wearing pants. It is for that reason that wearing anything depicting Winnie is considered to be public indecency.

Bizarre Laws Winnie The Pooh

6. Animal protection laws in Rome are bizarrely specific. You must walk your dog every day, or else you're risking a $625 fine. Even goldfish are legally required to be kept in a big enough aquarium.

Bizarre Laws corgi walk

7. Decided to climb a tree in Ontario? Don't forget to get a special permit first, or you will be fined.

Bizarre Laws climb a tree

8. Victoria, Australia must be a sad place for kids. Since 1966, it is illegal to fly kites or play any games that bother someone else there.

Bizarre Laws fly a kite

9. When you go to Japan, be careful when you dance. In 1948, the country banned dancing after midnight. Even though the ban was lifted in 2015, dancing in the dark is still illegal there.

Bizarre Laws Japan

10. Switzerland banned hiking in the nude in 2009. Apparently, it was a popular tourist trend at the time, and laws fining naked hikers had to be imposed.

Bizarre Laws Switzerland

11. On the German Autobahn, running out of fuel is illegal, and violations will end in a fine of €30-70 (36-85 US dollars) depending on the case.

Bizarre Laws Autobahn

12. In India, every male over the age of 14 who witnesses a locust invasion must alert everyone about the danger by playing the drum.

Bizarre Laws Indian drum
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