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These Foreign Laws Are Too Weird For Words...

It is rare that we learn much about the laws of the countries we visit, yet having such knowledge could help prevent you from getting yourself into sticky situations while traveling. What's more, if they're as odd as the strange laws listed below, they're bound to give you a good chuckle, too. Keep reading to discover 8 of the weirdest prohibitions from around the world.
1. It is forbidden to rescue drowning people in China.Weird Laws
An ancient Chinese law prohibits citizens from rescuing people who are drowning. It was originally connected with oriental philosophy, which states that interfering with somebody's destiny is immoral. Skeptics, however, believe that it is just the Chinese government's way of regulating population growth.
2. Kissing at train stations is illegal in France.Weird Laws
This law first showed up in France in 1910, at a time when trains often ended up being delayed by amorous couples who couldn't bear the pain of parting. Consequently, kissing on platforms was banned and couples had to go to special 'kissing zones' if they wanted to share a moment of tenderness.
3. It is illegal to touch a whale in the UK.Weird Laws
In the UK, all whales, dolphins and other sea mammals within a radius of three miles of the border are said to belong to the Queen herself. This makes it illegal to touch British whales, no matter how good your intentions really are.
4. It's a crime to feed pigeons in Venice, Italy.Weird Laws
While you might view pigeons as your friends, officials in Venice view them as their mortal enemies due to the damage they cause when soiling monuments and statues from the sky. If you get caught feeding them, you may end up having to pay a hefty fine!
5. It's illegal to step on money in Thailand.Weird Laws
If you're planning to visit Thailand, then you really should watch where you're walking at all times. This is because it is illegal to step on bills or coins that bear the portraits of venerable Thai citizens since it is considered to be a highly disrespectful act.
6. Forgetting your wife's birthday is illegal in Samoa.Weird Laws
Here's a bit of bad news for all the forgetful husbands out there: If you forget your wife's birthday while in Samoa, you can get into a lot of trouble. As a penalty, you will need to pay a hefty fine, which will go directly into your wife's hands!
7. Keep your tattoos in plain sight in Japan.Weird Laws
While not technically illegal, there is a great stigma in Japan against people who have tattoos as they tend to be associated with members of criminal gangs, like the infamous Yakuza. If you have visible tattoos in Japan, it will be a lot harder to get a decent job, and you may be refused entry to gyms, hotels, hot springs or public baths.
8. It's illegal to eat biscuits on Christmas Day in the UK.Weird Laws
In 1644, Oliver Cromwell banned the celebration of Christmas in the United Kingdom because he believed it had become an immoral event. He specifically banned quite a number of holiday traditions, including eating biscuits and sweet rolls on Christmas Day. The law still stands today, although nobody really pays any attention to it.
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