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15 Curious Images That Will Make You Admire Our World Even More

 Our world is full of curious wonders you have probably never seen before. For example, there are vending machines in airports in France that actually dispense short stories for people while they wait for their flight. Then, there are also stairs in Japan that show you how many calories you are burning! Today, we will take a look at a few such fascinating pictures of things that will make you admire our world just a little bit more. Scroll on. 

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1. A close-up of a turtle’s skin

wonder curiosities, turtle’s skin
Image source: Reddit and Reddit

2. Wood ear fungus (Auricularia auricula-judae) that looks like an actual giant ear!

wonder curiosities, Wood ear fungus
Image source: Reddit

3. When woodpeckers eat walnuts, this is how they break them open 

wonder curiosities, walnuts
Image source: Reddit

4. This is how brick streets are laid 

wonder curiosities, brick streets
Image source: Reddit

5. Stairs in Tokyo show you how many calories you are burning. Neat, huh? 

wonder curiosities, Stairs
Image source: Reddit

6. So this is how peanuts grow!

wonder curiosities, peanuts
Image source: Reddit

7. A closeup of a chameleon’s foot

wonder curiosities, chameleon’s foot
Image source: Reddit

8. Some toilets in Japan have places to put your child

wonder curiosities, toilets in Japan
Image source: Reddit

9. “Number 4 is bad luck in China, so they changed floor 44 to 43A in this building.”

wonder curiosities, China
Image source: Reddit

10. This is what a can of Coca-Cola looks like in China

wonder curiosities, Coca-Cola
Image source: Reddit

11. A tiny brick flat in London

wonder curiosities, A tiny brick flat in London
Image source: Reddit

12. Some countries have salty toothpaste. This one's from Thailand. 

wonder curiosities, salt-flavored toothpaste
Image source: Reddit

13. A sculpture at the Philadelphia Convention Center made of bowls, Chinese spoons, teacups, and saucers.

wonder curiosities, sculpture
Image source: Reddit

14. Did you know that cones open and close depending on how wet and dry they are?

wonder curiosities, cones
Image source: Reddit

15. Airports in France have installed “Short Story Dispenser” machines in various places that print out free short stories for you to read while you wait.

wonder curiosities, Short Story Dispenser” machines
Image source: Reddit
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