What Would You Be Famous For?

Everyone dreams of achieving fame and glory, and there are a variety of paths they can take to get there. Some are musically or theatrically talented, some are devoted to helping others, some pursue political careers, and some have made incredible discoveries. Each of us can become renowned, so if you make the most of your skills, talents, and disposition, how can you make a name for yourself? Check out the following 12 questions and find out!
When do you usually wake up?
Depends on when I went to sleep
What's the first thing you do when you open your eyes?
Stay in bed a bit thinking about my dreams
Reading news or scrolling social networks
Get right out of bed
Put the snooze alarm on
What does your breakfast look like?
Yogury or cereal
I usually get a pastry
A breakfast rich in nutrients
I just drink a coffee
How do you prefer to get to work?
In my car
Using public transportation
An electric bike or something similar
By taxi
How would you prefer to spend most of your day?
What time do you usually eat lunch?
It changes daily
What do you usually have for lunch?
Leftovers from dinner
Leftovers from any meal
I always eat lunch at the same place
It changes from time to time
While working on something important, a colleague starts chatting you up. What do you do?
I'll stop what I'm doing and give them a few minutes
I'll talk while I work, I can do both
I'll tell them I'm busy, but promise to talk to them as soon as I'm done
I'll pretend to listen but won't really
Your boss called you into his office - why would that be?
To promote me, as they should
I must have made some mistake
Just to chat probably, we're friends
To consult with me or give me some new instructions
A new colleague just started working with you, how will you welcome them?
Greet them warmly and try to chat to them at some point to learn a bit about them
Try to make them feel as comfortable as possible - it's not easy starting somewhere new
I'll take them on a prolonged tour of the workplace and introduce them around
If they work on my team, I'll try to get to know them, otherwise I won't
When you come back home in the evening, what's most important to you?
A ready meal made by my spouse
Hot water - I need a good shower
Cleanliness, I really dislike cleaning after a day
People - I don't like returning to an empty house
About what time do you go to sleep?
I don't have a fixed time.
An Entertainer
You love the freedom of a flexible timetable that varies day-to-day, and it's no surprise why - it makes every day unique and special! Your magnetism and knack for winning people over make you the star of every social gathering. You are a bundle of energy, always up for a laugh, and if you get the chance, you could be a celebrity in no time!
A Great Leader or Politician
You are a born leader and excel at getting people to join you on your journey, whether it's for your ambitions or to encourage a team to succeed. Your strong desire to help others is enhanced by the same desire to help yourself reach a secure place in life. After all, the easier your life is, the more you can give and the less you need to worry about yourself. You have strong political beliefs and you trust that the right person in power can bring about real change in the country - perhaps even you!
Great Moralist or Charitable Person
It doesn't matter how little or how much you have; you're always willing to put yourself second and give to others. You can't bear to witness unfairness, and the more you help those in need, the more weight is taken off your chest. You recognize the power of humankind and strive to ensure that your actions are a benefit to everyone and not a detriment. Although you may occasionally choose to hurt yourself to meet these goals, it's a sacrifice you make willingly and with enthusiasm.
An Inventor or Entrepreneur
You have a truly special gift that sets you apart from the crowd. This talent is within your thoughts, where your thought process is different from those around you. You think more profoundly and quickly, with ideas that no one else can come up with. Your journey to success and renown will involve an invention or discovery that no one will be able to overlook, and you as well. Have you already thought of such a concept? Why not put it into action?
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