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Outrageously Hilarious Driving Fails – 14 Funny Pics

 Driving is a responsible job but not everyone gets that. Now, we can understand someone being not too proficient in driving, but how do you explain ramming your car into the top floor of a two-story building? You will find this and several more crazy examples of hilarious driving fails in the photos below that may well leave you in splits. Check them out!

1. They wanted to take a shortcut and got stuck

Driving Fails, shortcut

2. It’s time to change the tires

Driving Fails, tires

3. Two police cars managed to crash into each other in the currently empty streets of Milan

Driving Fails, Car crash

4. A car driving on the freeway with white tail-lights. This is bound to scare a lot of drivers, isn't it? 

Driving Fails, car with white tail-lights

5. Now that's one way to improvise. Or not! 

Driving Fails,

6. This driver tried to cross a pedestrian bridge for some reason

Driving Fails, pedestrian bridge

7. Okay, that makes me feel jittery 

Driving Fails, on the edge

8. The driver forgot to disengage the brakes for this water buffalo and kept on driving a few miles with them engaged. It was too late when he found that the tire was on fire and the rim had been decimated

Driving Fails,

9. Drive-thru dentist

Driving Fails, dentist

10. "A customer of mine drove about 2 miles with his tire like this."

Driving Fails, tires

11. This driver has a video game setup in his car for his kids, with the monitor in front of the airbags

Driving Fails, video game

12. So... How does this work then? 

Driving Fails, petrol pump

13. Why would someone drive like this? 

Driving Fails, windshield

14. I really wanna know what happened next...

Driving Fails,
All images source: Acid Cow
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