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How to Cope With a Massive Heatwave - Funny Pictures!

 This summer is the hottest one the world has seen in a long time. We’re not exaggerating. Temperature records have been broken across the globe, with the US, in particular, experiencing the hottest June in the last 127 years. In an attempt to cool off in the extreme heat, people have been coping the best way they can, mostly with humor and kindness! These 18 pictures, taken from the US to Australia and anywhere in-between, show you how people were trying to fight off the massive heatwave all across the globe.

1. This shop owner in Turkey let kittens cool off on the freezer

Heatwave kittens cool off on the freezer

2. This person didn't want his dog's paws to get burnt during the heatwave in Arizona, so he found a solution

Heatwave dog in a cooler

3. A doggie cooling off in Thailand

Heatwave doggie cooling off in Thailand

4. This moose finally found some water!

Heatwave moose

5. When it finally started raining after weeks and weeks of hot weather

Heatwave raining

6. "It's a bit hot in Australia today."

Heatwave melting road

7. A fresh jar of melted gummy bears straight out of the store!

Heatwave melted gummy bears

8. It's SO HOT in Puerto Rico that this ceiling fan has melted!

Heatwave ceiling fan

9. "The weather is FINE!"

Heatwave stadium

10. Giving water to a thirsty bunny when it's 100 degrees outside

Heatwave thirsty bunny

11. A sign found in a small town in Virginia, how heartwarming!

Heatwave sign for doggie pools

12. This dog's facial expression describes the weather in South Korea perfectly! 

Heatwave dog  South Korea

13. A hot day in Colorado

Heatwave Colorado deer

14. "Can I have a sip of your drink?"

Heatwave lizard

15. A "melted" fox at someone's yard in London

Heatwave fox

16. The weather was so hot, this farmer in the Netherlands took his pigs on a swim

Heatwave farmer

17. When you don't have a pool but you really need to cool off

Heatwave man sitting in a barrel of water

18. Nothing feels better than a chilly can on the belly

Heatwave can on the belly
Source of all images: Bored Panda
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