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These Ridiculously Funny Translations Make NO Sense

Translations aren’t as easy as they sound. Even one incorrectly placed word can turn the whole meaning of a sentence and make it appear unintentionally funny. At times, translation fails can be forgiven; it’s a human error, after all. However, as you will see in these pictures below, some translation mistakes just cannot be ignored. These translation and spelling fails are ridiculously funny and are sure to give you a hearty laugh. 

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1. That's just rude!

Translation Fails,

2. Um... WHAT?!

Translation Fails, SIGNS

3. Useful advice... I think 

Translation Fails, signs funny

4. Gee, thanks for letting us know

Translation Fails, airport

5. Wow, they really transformed, didn't they? 

Translation Fails, ads

6. 'Do not animals' what? Don't leave us hanging!!! 

Translation Fails, animals

7. Really want to try these 'teatures' now 

Translation Fails,

8. A 'goog' day to you too

Translation Fails,

9. I never knew this. Thanks! 

Translation Fails, signs

10. Wonder what it does

Translation Fails, smoke alarm

11. Er... If you say so

Translation Fails,

12. Can someone make sense of this and let us know?

Translation Fails, hotel message

13. They do have a point. Who wants a rude and unreasonable chicken, after all? 

Translation Fails, restaurant sign

14. MY GOD! 

Translation Fails,

15. So wot?

Translation Fails, tshirt
All images source: Acid Cow
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