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15 Hilarious Fails By People Who Totally Missed the Mark

 If you've been following our various fail collections, you probably know there is a surprising amount of cases where people just throw common sense out the window. And this is exactly what we're about to present to you today. 

From construction projects that make no sense, like a door that is 6 feet above the ground with no stairs in sight, to signs that convey very questionable messages - it seems all the people responsible for these mishaps didn’t quite understand the assignment...

1. Good luck getting your foot through that doorFunny Fails floating door

2. Ah, the famous state of Msaeachubaets...Funny Fails misspelled hoodie

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3. Privacy is overratedFunny Fails bathroom

4. This parcel is begging to be stolenFunny Fails parcel

5. "I think I'll have a relaxing coffee on my unreachable balcony..."Funny Fails balcony

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6. Stay on your toes guys, VOVID is dangerous.Funny Fails VOVID sign

7. Do they though?Funny Fails puzzle pieces

8. So...it's a house?Funny Fails house sign

9. Funny looking foxFunny Fails raccoon fox

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10. If you love symmetry, cover your eyes...Funny Fails asymmetrical windows

11. Only stunt performers can cross that road.Funny Fails upside down traffic light

12. What could possibly go wrong?Funny Fails AC unit

13. Almost nailed itFunny Fails street lamp

14. Looks sturdyFunny Fails wall

15. Wait...so what floor are we on?Funny Fails stairs

Source of images: Acid Cow

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